Default configuration and behaviour

Calculation configurations

  • By default, the directional parameters R and V of the BRDF model are parameterized as a function of the normalized reflectance and the values of NDVI.

    There is a possibility for the user to change that configuration and allow the parameterization for R and V not accounting for the NDVI value. To do so, the user must change in the file the value of the “BRDF_method” of the config_land dictionary from “ndvi_classes” to “global”.

  • The ART model used to calculate the spectro-directional variation of snow reflectance do not account for the impact of pollutants by default. The user may change that configuration by changing the value of the “do_estimate_pollutant” keyword of the config_land dictionary from False to True ( file).


    Note however that the ADAM API has not been validated using this configuration and that possible numerical issues may occur.


  • For “BRDF” calculations (either transect plane or polar or 3D representation), when several spectral bands are requested, only results for the first one are displayed (unless prescribed with the waveband_index keyword).
  • For “spectrum” calculations, if several viewing geometries are requested, the SDR will be displayed only for the first one.

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